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Consumerism on Monday

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I spent a boring and kind of sick weekend at home and missed what was perhaps an opportunity to do something big(ger) with TEETH. I hope I haven’t completely fucked that chance up. I was just feeling too sick to leave the house. I spent two days watching Scrubs, South Park and Law & Order SVU on TV all day long. Oh pay TV! Dr Cox on Scrubs is quite possibly my favourite character, ever. Of course all this time I was dying of boredom but didn’t even consider that perhaps I should write the last essay of second year; the one that was due on Friday. When I hand that in I can forget about uni for almost four months, but procrastination is just something I am too good at to stop practicing it.


So yesterday I had to leave the house because I’d been inside too long; I felt unusual ($3 for picking up that reference, Annie & Kylar not included). I printed out fifteen copies of my resume with the intention of handing it out around Newtown. My current place of employment won’t need me for a while, and even when they do need me, it’s only three hour shifts at $15 per hour, about once or twice a week. Oh and it’s on the other side of the city so I lose almost $10 just getting there and back! I didn’t actually give out a single resume, nor leave my zines anywhere as I’d also planned. But I did: meet up with Kylar; spend some time in Gould’s Books where I want to live (I bought “Homo Sovieticus” by Alexander Zinoviev and so far, I really like it. His writing style is brilliant); wander down King St; find a $25 fake-fur coat at Vinnie’s which I probably should have bought; hang out at that park which I always forget the name of, the one with Mighty Boosh graffiti everywhere; talk about possible ways to combat my boredom during the holidays (find a job? take up kick-boxing? start to live healthy? write a memoir? develop a drug habit?); buy a handcuff necklace from Dangerfield which I’d wanted for a while. I also really want a handcuff belt buckle but then I’d look like a scene kid and I don’t want that. Then Kylar left and I wandered down Enmore Rd where I found this amazing 80s dress I really wanted to buy, but which I was unfortunately too tall for.


Then to American Apparel on Oxford St where, as always, I was really excited about everything but didn’t actually find anything I wanted to buy, except tights which are overpriced like a motherbitch. One of the dudes working asked about my Jim Morrison bag because his mum always talks about The Doors! I wrote down Annie’s site for him. Then I spent more money but not on clothing and shoes, as planned. I seriously couldn’t find any shoes I liked that didn’t have a heel so big I’d be a giant and/or break some bones wearing them. There was even less clothing I liked. Instead, I bought A Clockwork Orange on DVD (I recently read the book and it’s pretty much one of my favourites now) and Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden (not really that good but it’s worth it for “Jesus Christ Pose” and Chris Cornell before Audioslave. I was going to buy something by Bloc Party but then decided on Straylight Run instead, then when I couldn’t find any of their CDs somehow decided on Soundgarden) and taro milk tea from Easy Way which is like liquid cake. Soooo very good.


I caught the train home with my sister and we joked about being embarrassed to be seen with each other.


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  1. Easy for you to say lovey. You’ve had an audition. Why can’t I have an audition. It’s ridiculous. I’ve been to drama school. I’m good looking. I tell you, I’ve a fuck sight more talent that half the rubbish that gets of TV. Why can’t I get on TV?


    November 5, 2008 at 2:51 am

  2. The only show I’m likely to be on is the news!

    Ivana Stab

    November 5, 2008 at 9:47 am

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