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I remember Halloween

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Halloween this year was really good. I think we need to embrace this holiday a bit more in Australia. Smearing fake blood everywhere and dressing up (as a witch, vampire, zombie, Cyndi Lauper, trashy zombie secretary, Ali G, Spider Man…) should be acceptable more often. And we still got some strange looks from passers-by. Maybe they’d forgotten what day it was. A couple of Irish dudes embraced the Halloween spirit though and were persuaded to put some fake blood on their faces when they were borrowing a lighter from us.


Annie, Zig & I started celebrations in Hyde Park with vodka slurprees and fake blood application before going to The Manhattan for the opening night of Robot House. I’d been on antibiotics for so long before (once for bronchitis and twice thanks to my wisdom teeth) that I hadn’t been able to drink for a while so I really enjoyed Friday night. There was a great house party vibe at Robot House – some of my favourite people, fucking brilliant song choices, lots of booze, sing-alongs (an impromptu “Who’s Got the Crack?” performance at the end) and photo-whoring, plus bathroom bonding over shots of vodka and stories by Alex about Los Angeles in a sort-of-alley (Alex is so ghetto, it hurts).


When the night wrapped up, we (Annie, Zig & I) met up with Kylar for a while during his work break as a bunch of kids skated around us on Martin Place, one wearing a Jim Morrison shirt. Then to Q Bar (by this stage I was carrying my heels; classy) where they played “Whoomp! There It Is!” and therefore won my heart. They have little booths to stash bags/drunken friends in and they have a photobooth and they have a giant portrait of Lenin. Seriously, just about the only downside is their disapproval of pool-table-dancing. I love the stairway that leads up to Q Bar as well. And I was actually hanging out with Emma! We always talk about how we need to hang out but it happens so rarely. But when it does, it’s gooood! At one point I thought it was a really clever idea to dance underneath the pool table if we couldn’t dance on top of it. Of course it just ended up being Emma & I lying on the ground. Annie took some photos then deleted them going “oh god, this isn’t meant to be Girls Gone Wild!” All class.  


When Annie & I were heading home with that sort of seedy feeling you get when you’re starting to sober up and you realise how tired you actually are, we had Oz Turk pizza because nothing tastes as good at five in the morning, even with the bad music playing and the creepy plastic eyes hanging on every corner. Kylar claims this is why I felt really sick the next day. Something about a rather large percentage of hang-overs actually being minor food poisoning from the kebabs consumed the night before?


Then I curled up on the train and completely blacked out between “next station is Redfern” and “next station is Merrylands” as Annie listened to Black Sabbath. When I came home I realised I must have scared a few people on the way, probably my poor taxi driver as well, because there was fake blood smudged all over my face and my eye liner had sort of melted all over the bottom of my eyes. Such a good look. I was really glad my parents didn’t see me before I took a long shower.


That photo of Kylie and Katie Cyndi Lauper was taken by ANNIE LY and you can see lots more by checking out her blog.


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