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I’m unclean, a libertine

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This blog comes to you from St Johnz Park.


This blog will combine my Livejournal with every public blog I’ve ever tried to write. That means it’ll be more personal than the previous blogs but more censored than my Livejournal. So if you’re not interested in my life, you may not want to read, or if you’re interested in the gory details, you won’t find them here. It’ll be a recount of my days because I’m really paranoid that I’ll get amnesia one day but I don’t want to keep a private journal because this way I feel like I’m talking to people and if I’m not talking, I go a little crazy. It will also be a tool of propaganda for everything I like. I have been keeping online journals since I was about thirteen but have really only started to get into public blogs recently and thought I should try writing one myself. That’s about it really…


If you have no idea why you’re reading this or who I am, my name is Ivana Stab. I was born 11th February 1989 in Former Yugoslavia. I have been living in Sydney since June 1998. I speak Serbian but not all that well these days, unfortunately. I kind of wish I was Russian but I am prone to bouts of Serbian nationalism especially during Politics tutorials. I study Arts at UNSW, make zines, am really good at procrastination and my favourite band is probably The Doors. I like sleeping in and talking. Coffee is also good.


So leave a comment or send love letters to ivanaforpresident@hotmail.com because I’m really only doing this for the fame, money and bitches that will be the inevitable result of unclean, a libertine*, the blog!



* From the Placebo song “Without You, I’m Nothing”


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