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MySpace photo! We are necklace twins.


Well I’m really glad that Obama is the new president of the United States. Zig and I had celebratory hugs in the middle of the city today when we heard the news. Everything automatically felt a little better then.  


I thought the weather was going to be really nice today so I decided I had to leave the house. The weather was actually pretty bad but it was still nice not to be in the suburbs. I met up with Zig and we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I miss the Jimi Hendrix room but there are some really interesting things in there at the moment. My favourite was “Leisure Lady (With Ocelots)” by Yinka Shonibare but the “Astro Black: A History of Hip Hop” video (by Soda_Jerk) was also interesting. “Leisure Lady (With Ocelots)” is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t stop staring at it. I felt as though the ocelots were running towards me. The school groups taking part in guided tours were a bit annoying because I really don’t like hearing someone’s interpretation of what the artwork is about. I’d rather not get it at all but enjoy looking at it, and then research it myself later if I want to know more. Having it forced upon me by some loud-voiced guide is frustrating. There was one adorable kid though with his school pants tucked into his Docs that made me think I really did go to the wrong high school. We didn’t have kids like that!




After the MCA we hung around the city a bit. I was looking for places to apply for jobs but I’m very picky. I did end up handing in a resume at some random clothing store in Market City though. And I spent the last of my money on a pair of really awesome sunnies at Dangerfield (and a badge and a magazine). We hung around Chinatown eating $1.30 cakes and imagining ninjas are about to jump from the rooftops like in those kung-fu movies that are on SBS at two in the morning.


Later on I met up with my sister at the University of Sydney and we walked to Newtown for Thai food; her shout. I always feel so comfortable in Newtown. Would be quite nice to live there or nearby.


Another good day and another mark off my essay. Should probably think about writing that sometime soon.  


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