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Music journalism is not for me

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The only interviews I’ve had to write so far have been for TEETH which means only Annie would tell me that the questions are shit, and she never would because Annie is the best. Now I’m writing an interview for The Dwarf & a record company and there’s pressure for the questions to be good. Aaaaah! Also, my essay is now VERY late and I still haven’t written a word, and I’ve barely done any research. Oh and I am sick and I hope I feel better by tomorrow because I don’t want to miss the Newtown Festival.

So, a list of good things to balance out the negatives: Cole Mohr‘s collarbones; peppermint tea; FBi 94.5 FM; Homo Sovieticus; Scrubs; episodes of Law & Order SVU when Dean Winters was on (Dean Winters aka Ryan O’Riley from Oz, aka the best character after Miguel Alvarez!).


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