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According to my last.fm, these were the five artists I listened to most this week…


Outrun: My top artists this week were really disproportionate. I had 39 listens for Outrun, followed by 18 for the next top artist. I was writing a review of Outrun’s album Futurenature at the time so it reminded me of just how good this band is. In reality I listened to them a lot more, but most of it was in my room on my stereo where last.fm can’t count. I had a few one-girl dance parties in there when I should have been writing my essay.

Outrun – Out of the Ashes



Soundgarden: I bought Badmotorfinger this week because I’d been listening to ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ and ‘Loud Love’ on repeat on my iPod. I only had a few songs by Soundgarden so I thought it was time to buy one of their albums. I didn’t actually like it too much but there are a few really good songs on there. And the video clips to the aforementioned songs are enough to keep me liking this band.

Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose



Bloc Party: For a long time I claimed not to like Bloc Party. I’m not sure why. I think I considered them boring or something? A few weeks ago I was up really late and rage was playing a lot of Bloc Party clips and I realised I kind of liked their music. So I’ve been listening to the few songs I have by them and waiting to get some cash-money so I can buy one of their CDs.

Bloc Party – Hunting For Witches



Bridezilla: I’ve been hearing a bit about them on FBi again so I assume they must be recording new music which is exciting! Seeing this band live is almost a magical experience. They’re just so lovely.

Bridezilla – St Francine



The Academy Is…: I wasn’t sure what music I was in the mood for the other day so I scrolled through my music folder and stumbled upon TAI. I was a little obsessed with them for a while. Now I realise they’re really not anything special musically speaking but they’re just such a sweet band and I had fun when I was in love with them. Plus, TAI TV was hilarious! I have no idea what they’re up to these days. I stopped paying attention after Santi.

The Academy Is… – Mayonaise (Smashing Pumpkins cover)


(These uploads are meant to serve as samples, to show you what the bands are all about. If you like them, please support the bands by buying their music or going to their next gig in your city.)


Written by Ivana Stab

November 10, 2008 at 4:40 am

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