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We need to talk, we need to talk, we need to talk

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Yesterday was preeeeeetty rad. Annie and I went to the city where we met up with my Canadian cousin Vlado who is doing the backpacker thing across Australia. I hadn’t seen him for a little while and in that time he has managed to travel through the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Nimbin and meet some Japanese Rastas who played Bob Marley songs on their guitars. We went to the Glebe Street Fair which was basically impossible to move through because of the crowds. There were a few interesting things but it really wasn’t very exciting. I made Vlado try Easy Way taro milk tea and once he did, he said he would never doubt me again. It is seriously like liquid cake. Soooo good. Then he went back to his hostel because he was sleep-deprived and we headed to Oxford St. I wanted to develop some photos but everything was getting ready to close by then so we went to Hyde Park instead where I read aloud from this fucking hilarious pamphlet I picked up at the Glebe Street Fair – “God’s Guide to Sex”. It’s so good I’ll be writing a separate entry here with my favourite bits from it. Let’s just say that this was one of the conclusions we drew from it…


Annie: So you know now what will happen the next time you pick up a joint?

Me: I’m going to have sex afterwards?


And they say drugs are bad for you!


Then we moved to another part of Hyde Park where there was a Christmas tree and lots of tourists looking really excited about it and taking awkward photos next to it. So I had to do the same… Annie and I came to the conclusion that we are incredibly offensive people and if anyone overheard our conversations, they would hate us. We have to censor a lot in everyday conversations with other people. “Yeah roll up your jeans; that’s attractive.”


I showed Kylar a photo of the Luhv Of My Life and he responded with “is that a man?” Bitch.


I think I’m getting sick again. My immune system hates me. The plan for this week is: work today; write essay before I fail History; hang out with Aleks and Anita, and also Kylar sometime; dentist and seeing Outrun on Friday; hang out with my sister on Sunday; figure out how to buy my sister a birthday present, my Girl Talk ticket and my Kings of Leon ticket, and pay back Annie for my Prodigy ticket – more shifts at work? Nooooo.


& finally…


You don’t fuck with The Fuck Whats. The Fuck Whats fuck with you.



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  1. that sucks ballz.. deep.

    i don’t talk much to avoid offending people.


    November 17, 2008 at 6:35 am

  2. I walked past ‘bill posters…’ last night.
    I knew I had seen it before.


    November 18, 2008 at 11:02 pm

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