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ENGL2321 Twentieth Century: Modernism and Modernity – 81 DN
HIST2060 (Un)Making the Third World B – The Americas – 65 CR
HIST2511 US and Conflict in the Middle East – 66 CR
POLS2020 Sex, Human Rights & Justice – 75 DN
POLS2048 International Security – 71 CR

How did this happen? I did barely any work, paid very little attention, skipped lots of classes and handed in pretty much everything late (sometimes weeks late). I expected to fail one or two subjects. I am a little disappointed with my International Security mark because that was my favourite subject and I’ve always had Distinctions for Politics but oh well.

ENGL2321 – I attended only Monday’s lectures because I had a clash with History for the Wednesday lectures. I tuned out completely when I was there. I relied on Zig’s notes and my skills at bullshitting to get me through. Mostly I was just there because I had/have a crush on Dr Kate, the lecturer/tutor. HIST2060 – it started off so well, viva la revolucion and all, but then I turned into capitalist scum or something and stopped going to the lectures, and skipped more tutorials than I was allowed to because my tutor was an absolute imbecile and everyone in the tutorial, except Clare, was a moron. HIST2511 – I really, really enjoyed this subject but it was a little on the difficult side. The lecturer’s accent was so amusing. POLS2020 – another subject I enjoyed but found a little difficult, just in a different way. There was a big split between people who were all about the law and people who were all about the principles of human rights, and people like me who wanted to be all Law and Order: SVU about it. I never got to say what I really wanted in tutorials. I handed in my essay, which was worth 60% of the mark, very late and it was just a rant about how prostitutes are just doing a job, which basically had no research behind it. Oh and I pretty much never did the readings and didn’t attend many lectures. POLS2048 – I loved everything about this subject but I was lazy and handed things in late and didn’t focus much. Boo. I hope Dr. Billingsley (he has a Facebook fan page!) will remember good things about me and not this mark because I want to suck up to him for an Honours project.

Either I’m a genius or Arts is too easy. I have my money on the latter.


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  1. woah! well done! x


    November 27, 2008 at 11:51 am

  2. YAY!

    You are my smart friend. Ha ha. xx


    November 28, 2008 at 1:10 am

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