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Westie Wednesday

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(Nenad & Nikola with Nenad’s lightbox / Nikola & Sasa / Art, feat. Jasmina)


First, I went to the dentist and got FOUR teeth fixed. Which cost, oh, only $460. One tooth was so fucked up that no matter how much of the numbing stuff he injected me with, I still felt the pain when he started drilling. The next day my mouth was so sore from the needle jabs to my gums. The four teeth took so long, I started to get really bored and restless towards the end. Was really glad to leave!


Then later on I went to an exhibition of works by design students at Lidcombe TAFE which featured the work of my friend Nenad. Jasmina, Nikola, Mark George & I drove there. I almost got into a bitch fight with Mark George in the car when he said that Arts is a pointless degree but I chose to ignore him instead. Some people are just not worth arguing with. When we got to Lidcombe TAFE, we met up with Nenad, Nenad’s brother Milan, Sasa and a really amusing dude whose name I forget. Free beer, Latin dancers, lots of work to look at, coming up with various ways to embarrass Nenad, etc. It was amusing and I sort of started talking to Nikola again which was really nice because I sort of miss hanging out with him. Plus, I rarely see my friends-from-the-ghetto these days so it was kind of nice overall. I dubbed the day Westie Wednesday. We were delayed in heading back because Nenad had to give a cheque to the DJ, then finding the way to Newtown where they were dropping me off was difficult, so there was a lot of driving involved, but luckily we’d swapped Mark George with Nenad!


In Newtown, I met up with Zig at The Vanguard where we were supposed to see Tim Freedman play – I was supposed to be reviewing for Faster Louder. As though I didn’t despise The Vanguard enough already, I get there and the awful old bitch at the desk says she doesn’t see my name anywhere on any list, and does not care for the printed out email I show her from Faster Louder. She was so unpleasant. Faster Louder have since said they’ll email them telling them they were very unprofessional! I wasn’t too heartbroken because I really hate that venue, but I heard a few minutes of Tim playing and it was just so fucking lovely, I wish I’d been there. Instead, Zig and I went to Newtown Thai II for dinner which was very good, then wandered down King St, caught a train to Central, hung around waiting for Zig’s bus, then both headed home. Eddy Avenue at night is a really scary place to be.


+ My rather awful review of Circlesquare’s Songs About Dancing and Drugs is up on The Dwarf: have a look.

+ It means we’ll manage, I’ll master your language…


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