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7th & 8th Dec

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Sunday & Monday





1. Emma & Alex

2. Seeta & T-Nev


Sunday was a lot of fun. Annie and I went to the city, photocopied and stapled lots of copies of TEETH LOVES STUFF #5, then walked all the way to Camperdown. We weren’t exactly sure of where the park we needed to be was, but we found our way there relatively easily. It was only the heat that was the problem – the weather people said it’d be cold so I wore my Docs and stockings! Also, it was raining so it was disgustingly humid. But anyway. We walked the very long journey to Camperdown Park where there was a zinester picnic happening. Emma, Alex, Seeta and T-Nev joined the picnic which was beyond awesome. Though we moved away from the rotunda pretty soon after arriving to smoke and we didn’t end up rejoining the circle because Annie was sick, etc. We had a little picnic of our own a bit further away, with a blanket and all provided by T-Nev, with Alex making up stories about a war for Rotunda World. It was fucking hilarious. Apart from the part about Annie being sick, it was a really, really nice day. I don’t get to hang out with those kids nearly enough. So many November Rain references! We’re going to re-enact the video clip and I get to be Slash. Oh yeah! & Alex and I are going to write a series of articles on the topic of Being a Wog With Big Hair. On our way home, Annie and I made a stop at Chinatown where I got the biggest munchies out of nowhere and bought lots of cheap delicious cakes. Good times! (Conclusion for the day: “Asian milk drinks are bad and the Backstreet Boys are good!”)


I don’t think I did anything on Monday…? Oh wait, no, I did 100 sit-ups. But seriously, I don’t remember doing anything else at all. I guess I must have stayed at home.


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