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Friday, 5th Dec & Saturday, 6th Dec

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I really need to get better at this whole keeping-track-of-my-life thing. I keep forgetting to update, then I have a mini panic attack every time I forget what I did on whatever day. My short-term memory is fucked up.




Friday was a really nice day. A much-needed day of being calm and relaxed and well-aware of my surroundings. I went over to Zig’s at UNSW. I had a cruel reminder of how difficult those stairs on campus are to climb up… We walked down to Coogee and lazed around on the beach for hours. It was really nice. I miss going to the beach. I don’t think I’d been since…Byron Bay? That was in 2007! The weather was pretty much perfect. It sort of threatened to rain a bit but it never happened. We trekked back up to Randwick, got Easy Way, then back to Kensington where we lazed around on the Library Lawn for a bit before I headed home.



The weather was a cunt. It was incredibly hot and hurricane-windy. I didn’t want to leave the house but at the same time, I felt too restless to stay inside. So Annie & I went to the city to photocopy TEETH zines but it turned out that our precious Kinko’s was closed. We were heartbroken. Turns out it is no longer open 24-hours, and it is closed on Saturdays. I’d never given much thought to this economic crisis thing until it affected my ability to make zines drunkenly at 3 in the morning!! So instead of photocopying, we wandered around, looked at amazing books at Kinokuniya and CDs at JB Hi-Fi (where we also stalked Radiohead Boy unknowingly – seriously, I don’t mean to stalk the kid but I just keep running into him everywhere, at uni all the time, at JB Hi-Fi, on George St…I’ve never spoken to him and we’re really awkward around each other because we both obviously realise how much we run into one another. Also, I don’t actually know if he likes Radiohead but he seems like does. I’ll forgive him for that since he’s adorable).


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  1. Conversation starters:
    “Do you listen to Radiohead?”
    “Have you ever seen two elephants mate?”


    December 14, 2008 at 1:18 am

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