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13th & 14th December

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The Nevada Strange & Ghosts of Television



Annie and I never go out on Saturdays and we figured out why – because filth from every corner of Sydney seems to run loose through the city on Saturday nights. We went to Spectrum where we saw The Nevada Strange, Dead China Doll, Ghosts of Television and Reptiles play. Out of those bands, I’d only ever seen Ghosts of Television before, and I wanted to go just because of them, and they were brilliant, as always. They must have been playing new songs because I didn’t recognise any. My only complaint is that they didn’t play their cover of Notorious B.I.G.’s Juicy which is seriously the best thing ever! It was my first time seeing Ghosts of Television whilst sober, and yep, still as good! They really remind me of Kicks Joy Darkness which adds to my immense love for this band. I’d heard of The Nevada Strange before, and heard good things about them, and they did not disappoint. They had a stand-in drummer who didn’t even know their songs and they were still great! The singer is absolutely fucking insane, as though always on the brink of being violent. It was amusing watching them play. They could seriously be something incredible. Dead China Doll were also very impressive. I wasn’t expecting anything like their sound. Was very good. Reptiles were good, obviously a talented bunch of guys, but they just weren’t anything special and I got bored pretty quickly. I left a few copies of Feels Like Friday #8 at Spectrum. On the way home I made up rhymes about the City via Granville line – “Minto, the place to go.” “Campbelltown, party town.” “Canley Vale, epic fail.”



Today consisted of listening to Bad Brains and Minor Threat, walking down to the shops to buy the newspaper, sitting on the living room floor reading the newspaper, simplifying my resume so that it says “hey, I’m not headed anywhere more than a part-time retail job, please hire me”, having a one-woman Girl Talk dance party in my living room and thinking up my Top 10 Albums For 2008 for Those Walls, Your Ears. Obviously a really exciting day…


Oh and my sister basically cornered me into admitting I smoke (various substances). The surprising thing was how nonchalant she was about it. I was expecting her to break my neck or something…


Photos by ANNIE LY.


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