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9th December

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Because Zig made last-minute changes to her going-home plans, Tuesday was the last day I got to hang out with her before she left. I walked down Oxford St looking for a present for Drazen (ended up buying him a Richard Pryor DVD) and then met up with Zig near COFA, we went to pick up her photos (which you can see here) and had coffee at my new favourite café – new favourite simply because it’s called Ampersand. (When I grow up I’m going to tattoo an ampersand and a semi-colon on my left arm, just below my elbow on the inside.) Then we wandered down to Hyde Park where we hung out and watched army helicopters do rounds through the city – it was probably just training but I imagined that perhaps we were under attack… Annie joined us also and we hung out some more before Zig had to head off. We walked with her to COFA where she was catching a shuttle bus, then I got all mopey when she had to leave. Everyone seems to be leaving Sydney. Annie and I walked back towards Central-way. She headed to Ultimo to meet up with some people and I got cake from Chinatown and then literally ran to Central to make the train which my sister was also catching so that neither of us would be bored and alone on the long journey home. I had underestimated the distance from Chinatown to Central Station but I made it on time!


Written by Ivana Stab

December 14, 2008 at 5:45 am

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