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I wanted to be this guy when I grew up…



These last few days have not been very exciting. I haven’t gone further than Cabramatta. I visited Centrelink to get them to help me find a job because I’ve pretty much failed with every other option. Tomorrow I have to get up really early for an interview with Jobfind. I put together a sort of portfolio thing, with some of my writing. Not that that will help find me a job, but it makes me feel good about myself. I went to the dentist, again. Two more teeth taken care of. I’ve become obsessed with reading the newspapers. I’m still broke as a fucking joke and it’s really frustrating. The novelty of being broke whilst reading Down and Out in Paris and London wore off rather quickly. It’s Religious Boring Time (aka our Patron Saint Day…thing) in the house so I’m stuck at home Thursday and Friday, helping out, pretending to care, all that sort of thing. I’m forcing Jasmina to come over and keep me sane. Hmmmm what else? Here, read my review of the Mercy Arms gig the other night.


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