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Music from the mother country…

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In anticipation of my entry about last night’s Galija concert, and in conjunction with me working on a mixtape of music from Former Yugoslavia for Leesy, here are some songs I think you should all hear…



In year twelve, during periods of Extension 2 English when we were supposed to be researching and writing, I’d sit listening to Prljavo Kazaliste. This song inspired the name of my main character, and the lyrics inspired the name of my major work – Eyes Like Veins. (This is ‘Marina’, live in 1989).



I’ve been listening to this band for years and until today had no idea what they looked like…and now that I do, I’m more in love than ever! I’m pretty sure the singer is my soulmate. The clothes! The hair! The dance moves! This is ‘Kesten’ by Alisa.



It’s a surprise to many that this man is still alive and kicking but I’m fucking glad because it means I’ve been able to see this band play twice now. There really isn’t any way to explain how important and special Riblja Corba are. I still don’t comprehend it completely. Once Nikola gave me their entire back catalog to listen to and I was overwhelmed by it. They are just pure genius. The first song is ‘Dva Dinara Druze’ and the second ‘Kad Sam Bio Mlad’, two of my favourite Corba songs.  


To Be Continued…


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