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Friday, 16th  January,  was nice. I woke up to ridiculously hot weather that made me unwilling to leave the house during the day. I was home alone, had learned how to roll proper joints, and the weather was nice – therefore there was only one way to approach the day: get stoned; laze around in the sun; read; swim; laze around in the sun some more. It was so lovely. In the evening I met up with Morgan in the city. We were sitting in Hyde Park smoking when two girls came up to us and asked if one of us could accompany them to buy alcohol…I assume because one of them didn’t have ID or something. Anyway, they ended up hanging out with us for a while and were rather interesting. They’re called Chelsea and Kat and are starting a site called Tea Darling. Apart from the good side which included interesting conversations, cigarettes and champagne, there was also a slightly terrifying side – there was a creepy man who’d apparently been sort of following Chelsea and Kat around Hyde Park, and he sat near us and….now prepare yourselves…exposed himself and….pleasured himself….then walked off to a tree to, I assume, finish his business… It was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever witnessed and really quite frightening and disgusting. Then when we thought he’d disappeared, he stood in some bushes behind us until, thankfully, Chelsea yelled at him that he was scaring us and to please go the fuck away. Anyway, so we hung out with them a bit, then headed off to Luna Park for Lee’s going away gathering at the bar there (I had no idea there was a bar at Luna Park!) which was nice, except I didn’t really know most of the people there so I was sort of in my own world. Morgan and I bought light-up Hello Kitty lollipops…. KITTY POWER!


On Saturday, 17th January, I went to see Galija again, except that this time wasn’t as good because there weren’t as many people and I felt really sick. Not even the company of Jasmina and Nikola, nor Sasa’s crushing hugs could make me feel better, though his dance moves did improve my mood a bit. I still felt ill, though. The music was amazing, of course.


…so I wrote these things right after they happened but forgot to post them, and have forgotten to update since so I’ll try and remember what I’ve been up to and post it later on.


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