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No updates in recent times because my computer has fucking died!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s made me unwilling to update because I’m only borrowing my dad’s computer for short amounts of time. This is of course sad and frustrating because if there is no way of fixing my precious computer, I will lose a shitload of files – music, photos, writing, lots of pictures of male models, etc. The only good thing to come out of this is the SHINY NEW LAPTOP my parents bought me today. It was named Professor Balthazar by my dad….apparently it’s some cartoon; I’ll have to look it up. But I dig the name so I’m keeping it. In other news today, I was spoilt rotten by my family. The laptop + new perfume (Allure by Chanel – so good) and a Lomo Supersampler from my sister which I named Marcel (I picked the name a long time ago when I fell in love with the camera and decided I had to own it). Oh and wonderfully trashy zebra-print curtains for my room (which, by the way, is now cleaner than it has ever been).

Just so I don’t forget what I’ve been doing, so I can write about it properly later on, here’s a quick recap (what I can remember, anyway): saw Slumdog Millionaire with Jasmina & Gran Torino with Jasmina, Nikola and Nenad; went to Wattamolla Beach twice, once with Jasmina, Nikola and Nenad, then with Jasmina, Slavica, Milan, their cousin Rada, and Sanda; kind of maybe possibly admitted to myself that I’ve kind of sort of developed a new crush who is kind of sort of really great; developed a cold which I’m trying to beat before my birthday (on Wednesday!).


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