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Miss Zigwamp bought me this book for my birthday. It looks so fucking good! & those are my new curtains…which will be put up soon.

Yesterday I walked to Bonnyrigg Plaza to buy a few things I needed….a half an hour walk all up, approximately. During that time I was harassed from THREE different cars. One even pulled up so he could make obscene gestures. What the fuck is wrong with the male gender?

Zig, Dalibor & I went to UNSW today to abuse the generosity of O-Week organisers by making badges and t-shirts. Unfortunately the screen-printers turned out to be at COFA and we were unwilling to make our way there in the heat. So my sweet t-shirt design will have to wait. O-Week sort of frightens me. Everyone is too excited and it’s always too hot. The upside being Coffee Cart coffee, lazing around the Library Lawn & running into Allie (and finding out we’re doing two of the same subjects – yay!), as well as buying a few readers, thereby avoiding the massive bookshop queues. I’m really looking forward to starting uni again. I’ve become somewhat of a sloth during the last four months…I think/hope uni will make me feel like I’ve got some…….purpose? At the very least I won’t be sleeping in every day and doing little else but drinking coffee and watching Law & Order.


These are the badges I made today. I was expecting them to have the giant badge machine again so my pictures were a bit too big for this badge size. But still. I love the Sid & Nancy one.


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