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I’ve been forgetting to update. Things have happened.


Third year started and already there is so much work to do, but I love my subjects and it’s been really good seeing people again (especially Allie) and getting back into some sort of ‘normal’ routine. Although the early starts aren’t so good. My subjects this semester are Politics x3 and General Education x1: Propaganda & Satire; Australian Foreign Policy; The Art of Political Science; Introduction to the Australian Legal System. My politics lecturers are amazing. I have my favourite professor for one subject, Dr Levey, so I spend Tuesday mornings basking in his greatness.




Drawings by Allie (paying attention during Australian Foreign Policy, obviously).


I went to the Mardi Gras for the first time, except the crowd and trying to find friends in the complete insanity meant I basically didn’t see the parade at all. Still, the vodka + rum was nice, and seeing people I hadn’t seen in a while was good too.




My Wog friend Alex had a horrorpunk themed birthday party which was a lot of fun. Messy and fantastic. Kylar and Jack came as my replacements for Annie and Zig. A vey wasted girl in Kings Cross was nice enough to share her cigarettes with us. They were Vogues and actually quite nice. I made Alex a mix of music from the mother country (well, MY mother country). This was the track-list:


Van Gogh – Klatno (live) : Belgrade, 1997

Elektricni Orgazam – Nebo : Belgrade, 1981

EKV – Ja Znam : Belgrade, 1983

Azra – Krvava Meri : Zagreb, 1980

Prljavo Kazaliste – Noc : Zagreb, 1979

Riblja Corba – Necu da zivim u bloku 65 : Belgrade, 1982

Idoli – Moja si : Belgrade, 1982

Zabranjeno Pusenje – Guzonjin sin : Sarajevo, 1988

Partibrejkers – 1000 godina : Belgrade, 1984

Sarlo Akrobata – Mali covek : Belgrade, 1981

Elektricni Orgazam – Odelo : Belgrade, 1982

Bijelo Dugme – Pamtim evo deset dana : Sarajevo, 1974




Hung around Liverpool a couple of times and saw The Unborn with Jasmina which was actually quite scary. Also, Gary Oldman is brilliant!




Morgan and I helped Zig out with a COFA project which involved photobooths. I got to wear an eyepatch!


I fell in love with this poem:




It was the dream
I was allowed
to touch you in.
We were strangers.
You kept your eyes closed.
I cannot really say
if there were rhododendrons
or anything like music or
even if I asked you.
Only your blue skin and the pleasure it gave you —
the way you moved,
the way you caught your breath
whenever my hands moved
so I kept on moving them.

-Thomas Lynch


& ten more copies of Feels Like Friday #7 sold at Sticky in Melbourne!!!!!!!


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