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The World According to Ivana Stab

Who the fuck is Ivana Stab?

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Ivana Stab is a twenty-year-old girl from Sydney who still can’t believe she is no longer a teenager. She would like to one day be able to call herself a writer without feeling like a wanker. She makes a personal zine called Feels Like Friday and a music, etc zine called TEETH with ANNIE LY. Ivana writes gig and CD reviews for various websites, and is always late handing essays in. She is a third-year Bachelor of Arts student who secretly wants to study Law because of an unhealthy addiction to Law & Order. Ivana likes listening to good music, finding her mail box full, sleeping in, spending too much time in Hyde Park, and drinking vodka slurpees. If she had to pick one band to call her favourite, it would be The Doors. All the female characters in her stories are called Marina, and all the males are Luka…even if she changes their names before printing. She would like to have a cat called Catdog and a tattoo of a semi-colon next to an ampersand, and would love love love to move out of the suburbs.

(Photo by ANNIE LY.)


Written by Ivana Stab

November 2, 2008 at 1:27 am

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