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Feels Like Friday is my perzine. The writing in it is very personal, even if I may sometimes disguise it as fictional. There are some stories and poems, but it is mostly thoughts, often copied straight from my journals. It’s a perzine, so it’s a glimpse at what’s going on inside my head at the time of copying. Because it isn’t edited much, and is published soon after being written, it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of the things going on that have had the most impact on me…the ones that if not written down, would eat away at me….and probably because of that, there is a lot of angst and confusion in these pages. These are the things that were too personal, and meant too much to me, to be written about simply as a blog entry…the things that are a little bigger than day to day events.

All issues are ¼ sized and cost $2.50 (or $2 + stamp) if in Australia, or $2US. I love getting trades also, so email me if you’d like to trade for your zine, a mixtape, etc.

Email ivanaforpresident@hotmail.com to get my address.






Feels Like Friday, Issue #5

Features writing from the first paper journal I started carrying around with me everywhere. After years of day-to-day updates on my Livejournal, I started writing mostly-uncensored, unedited angst wherever I found myself – my journal was always with me. Thoughts published in this zine include: work, Patrick Wolf, feeling/wanting to feel larger than life, intoxication, etc.


“In my work uniform with tired legs and tired words, my $10.50 an hour and my sleepless nights, my voice fades into the background – just another hungry stomach growling for more.”


Feels Like Friday, Issue #6

I hadn’t been writing much for a while so I put this issue together to make myself feel like I hadn’t given up on zines and writing in general. It is less of a perzine and more of a litzine, but a lot of my fictional writing is actually personal writing hidden behind a lot of metaphors and pretty sentences. Includes a TEETH mini-zine called ‘The Adventures of Art Fag and Zine Bitch’.


“Something about mispronouncing words and rolling bad joints and forgetting how to speak the first language I heard. Something about being a contradiction, a hypocrite, a big fucking mouth and a liar…”


Feels Like Friday, Issue #7

In this issue I published a lot of the writing I did for my Creative Writing major work. There are a few poems, some stories based on the south-western Sydney mentality (or rather, my perspective on it), plus some personal writing about trying to figure the world and myself out, mostly through national identity.


“He understood that to be real he had to attach his existence to a country mapped by centuries of wars and oppression and a flag painted with the blood of so-called patriots (brainwashed, poverty-stricken and hungry, clinging to God and their swords in hopes of a meal for every limb they lose)…”


Feels Like Friday, Issue #8

Some of the writing in this issue is old(er) but after discovering I’d never published it, I realised it still related a lot to how I felt. The topics include: pretending to be ok; studying English; working; being female; uncertainty; a boy; and national identity, of course.

“The Unbearable Pretentiousness of People who can’t sit comfortably in silence so they speak useless wank to prove something, something, anything; to prove their existence and the existence of their thoughts, to show they are not blank, not shopping lists, not unpaid bills, they are POETRY…”


Feels Like Friday, Issue #9

Writing about: trying to write; reality or lack thereof; boy(s); driving down the coast; identity through nationality; the usual. Short pieces of writing, mostly. Photos. Cut and paste. Made with love and angst.

“Drove down the coast with Nikola and Jasmina, no lights, cold night. They kept the windows down to smoke and I chewed gum to suppress my cravings. Stood in the wind to look at the lights, wondering which town we were looking down at and what ghosts chilled by the rocks on the ledge, watching us huddled, all three wearing chucks. Drove back, stopped the car for deer crossing through the headlights, listened to the same tape over and over again. Liverpool sign, same shit, late night.”


Written by Ivana Stab

November 29, 2008 at 12:37 pm

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