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My date for Saturday night.


Written by Ivana Stab

March 28, 2009 at 7:22 am

We should be inside by evening

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I spent Tuesday attempting not to die from the horrible weather and the bad mood it put me in. I spent the day reading, hanging out with my sister as she built a model of a castle from Terry Pratchett books, listening to The Doors and generally being bored. My Canadian cousin Zoran came back from New Zealand and is staying with us until Saturday when he flies back to Canadia. He’s sleeping in my sister’s room so Jelena & I have become roomies. I decided I had to watch Gossip Girl but I couldn’t find it on DVD at Blockbuster (does it even exist on DVD yet?) so I got The OC season 1 instead. I’m convinced the girl working was judging me for borrowing that… But it puts me in such a good mood! Then I discovered that the PSP box in my room was not Vlado’s or Zoran’s PSP which I figured they’d left as it was too heavy to carry around; it turned out to be a present from their brother Sasa – it was filled with Canadian candy! Much more exciting than a PSP for someone like me who’s not into video games!!


On Wednesday I had to get out of the house because I’d been inside too long, so Annie and I went to the city. We wandered around Town Whore a bit and it was packed with people. We walked down Circular Quay-way, and stopped at some little park in Wynyard, which was quite nice. But then it started to rain a bit so we walked down to the Museum of Contemporary Art. There are so many new things in there that I’m completely in love with. GO HAVE A LOOK! Then we sat around outside people-watching a lot and making up new lives for everyone that walked past. We saw a man in a cowboy hat and a Marlboro jacket! Then back to Town Whore where we spent a long time looking at CDs in Red Eye, and I ended up buying a Doors DVD – one of those Classic Albums things, for their first record. It’s a pretty good DVD and features a snippet of one of their first demos, before Robby joined the band! I love The Doors…..so fucking much. Then we went to Chinatown for lunch, then to our new favourite spot, across from the cake shop, for cigarette smoking and barley tea drinking. Theeeeen to a park in Surry Hills where we hung out for a while before heading home. A really nice day.


So far today I’ve watched two Doors DVDs, a Bowie DVD, listened to two Doors CDs, made a mini-zine out of my short story Survival of the Fittest, eaten ice cream and complained about being bored and broke.