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I’m separating my entries into categories…it may take a while to sort them all so bear with me. The categories will be:


DAY TO DAY – personal entries about what I’ve been up to…mostly for my own benefit so I can contain my paranoia about amnesia.

OH, YOU PRETTY THINGS – photos of people who are aesthetically pleasing. Models, mostly. Male models. Skinny ones.

COPY & DESTORY – all things relating to zines.

MUSIC FROM THE MOTHER COUNTRY – music from Former Yugoslavia. I’ve sort of unintentionally turned this blog into a propaganda machine for music from the 80s to emerge out of that particular country.

PRETENDING TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER – for all the photos I take with my film cameras.


A few other things: Dalibor & I saw Friday the 13th the other day – what a hilarious movie! So many bad horror movies have been released in recent times and I’m loving it; Jasmina and I have been synchronised a few times in catching the train home which has been fantastic because the long journey home gets so boring, especially when sleep deprivation kicks in and I can’t even convince myself to do some readings for uni…or when it’s peak hour and I can’t move inside the carriage; I’ve been running on so little sleep, sometimes making it through days at uni on as little as two hours….so yesterday afternoon I wanted to take a nap around 5.30….but continued sleeping right until 11.30 this morning!!!!!; my crush on young-hot-Tifa is reaching unhealthy levels…


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March 20, 2009 at 1:25 pm

It’s all happening

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I’ve been forgetting to update. Things have happened.


Third year started and already there is so much work to do, but I love my subjects and it’s been really good seeing people again (especially Allie) and getting back into some sort of ‘normal’ routine. Although the early starts aren’t so good. My subjects this semester are Politics x3 and General Education x1: Propaganda & Satire; Australian Foreign Policy; The Art of Political Science; Introduction to the Australian Legal System. My politics lecturers are amazing. I have my favourite professor for one subject, Dr Levey, so I spend Tuesday mornings basking in his greatness.




Drawings by Allie (paying attention during Australian Foreign Policy, obviously).


I went to the Mardi Gras for the first time, except the crowd and trying to find friends in the complete insanity meant I basically didn’t see the parade at all. Still, the vodka + rum was nice, and seeing people I hadn’t seen in a while was good too.




My Wog friend Alex had a horrorpunk themed birthday party which was a lot of fun. Messy and fantastic. Kylar and Jack came as my replacements for Annie and Zig. A vey wasted girl in Kings Cross was nice enough to share her cigarettes with us. They were Vogues and actually quite nice. I made Alex a mix of music from the mother country (well, MY mother country). This was the track-list:


Van Gogh – Klatno (live) : Belgrade, 1997

Elektricni Orgazam – Nebo : Belgrade, 1981

EKV – Ja Znam : Belgrade, 1983

Azra – Krvava Meri : Zagreb, 1980

Prljavo Kazaliste – Noc : Zagreb, 1979

Riblja Corba – Necu da zivim u bloku 65 : Belgrade, 1982

Idoli – Moja si : Belgrade, 1982

Zabranjeno Pusenje – Guzonjin sin : Sarajevo, 1988

Partibrejkers – 1000 godina : Belgrade, 1984

Sarlo Akrobata – Mali covek : Belgrade, 1981

Elektricni Orgazam – Odelo : Belgrade, 1982

Bijelo Dugme – Pamtim evo deset dana : Sarajevo, 1974




Hung around Liverpool a couple of times and saw The Unborn with Jasmina which was actually quite scary. Also, Gary Oldman is brilliant!




Morgan and I helped Zig out with a COFA project which involved photobooths. I got to wear an eyepatch!


I fell in love with this poem:




It was the dream
I was allowed
to touch you in.
We were strangers.
You kept your eyes closed.
I cannot really say
if there were rhododendrons
or anything like music or
even if I asked you.
Only your blue skin and the pleasure it gave you —
the way you moved,
the way you caught your breath
whenever my hands moved
so I kept on moving them.

-Thomas Lynch


& ten more copies of Feels Like Friday #7 sold at Sticky in Melbourne!!!!!!!

Someone in Byron Bay loves me

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February 23, 2009 at 1:21 am

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Are we human or are we dugong?

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Things have been good. I’ve been in a good mood most of the time. I find myself smiling ridiculous amounts, listening to my favourite band of all time, The Doors, a lot and just generally being happy, even when broke, unemployed and somewhat stuck in the suburbs. (The only thing getting me down is a chunk of the Serbian community that has been gossiping about me being a junkie. Thanks a lot, folks. As if I didn’t feel removed enough from that community already!)

Nikola and Jasmina are still in Byron Bay, making the south-west a little less fun, but Zig is back from Kempsey, making Sydney ten times better. We hung out in Newtown the other day, my Happy Place where I need to move to soon, and I saw this girl I once met in Hyde Park when she and a bunch of others asked Morgan and me to join their ‘party’. (Read about that here.) She calls herself Poppy Salmon and is really adorable and wears lots of bright colours. She recognised me before I could figure out where I knew her from.

Also, I got to hang out with Emma, finally – it had been too long. We + Morgan went to the Aquarium to see the greatest creatures on the planet – my beloved dugongs. I was so happy, I almost cried! They are so fantastic! That was a really good day. The Aquarium is such a relaxing, lovely place to be; entry should cost less because if it did, I’d be there every day! Emma changed that Killers song into “are we human or are we dugong?” because she is brilliant like that! (Photos here).

I finally wrote that review that was taking forever. It’s up on The Dwarf: here.

Also, help me decide. 5th April – to take part in a zine fair in Wollongong OR to see Evan Dando at the Annandale? Or to somehow squeeze both in?

I love all of you

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Annie & I saying bye to Marie on Oxford St after we saw The Wahas play at Spectrum on a Wednesday night.

Seeing Galija play at a Serbian venue in Canley Heights with Jasmina, Nikola, my sister and her friends. I was sick and didn’t have a good time but the music was beautiful. & I had Kitty Power on my side!

More photos from our lazy day at Stanwell Park.

Hyde Park day.

Adventures in Liverpool with Jasmina & Nikola.


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No updates in recent times because my computer has fucking died!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s made me unwilling to update because I’m only borrowing my dad’s computer for short amounts of time. This is of course sad and frustrating because if there is no way of fixing my precious computer, I will lose a shitload of files – music, photos, writing, lots of pictures of male models, etc. The only good thing to come out of this is the SHINY NEW LAPTOP my parents bought me today. It was named Professor Balthazar by my dad….apparently it’s some cartoon; I’ll have to look it up. But I dig the name so I’m keeping it. In other news today, I was spoilt rotten by my family. The laptop + new perfume (Allure by Chanel – so good) and a Lomo Supersampler from my sister which I named Marcel (I picked the name a long time ago when I fell in love with the camera and decided I had to own it). Oh and wonderfully trashy zebra-print curtains for my room (which, by the way, is now cleaner than it has ever been).

Just so I don’t forget what I’ve been doing, so I can write about it properly later on, here’s a quick recap (what I can remember, anyway): saw Slumdog Millionaire with Jasmina & Gran Torino with Jasmina, Nikola and Nenad; went to Wattamolla Beach twice, once with Jasmina, Nikola and Nenad, then with Jasmina, Slavica, Milan, their cousin Rada, and Sanda; kind of maybe possibly admitted to myself that I’ve kind of sort of developed a new crush who is kind of sort of really great; developed a cold which I’m trying to beat before my birthday (on Wednesday!).


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Some things I’ve been up to since I last remembered to update…and with my memory, I bet I’ll forget about a bunch of things:


– Hung out with my friend Anni from Albury-Wodonga. I’ve known Anni longer than I’ve known most people, yet we’ve only actually seen each other in person twice. We (plus her boyfriend Dan) hung around Hyde Park a bit before they had to head back to the airport.


– Went to Drazen’s Slava which was…uncomfortable. I really dislike his parents and the people they know. Jasmina, Nikola and I left soon after, hung around Black Rose for a while before Nikola had to go to work, then Jasmina and I went to her place and watched Family Guy for a while.


– Hung around a park near my house in the early hours of the day a few times.





– Hung out with Morgan in Hyde Park & went to Big Day Out with Morgan, Mark and Nina (and some of their friends), which was a lot of fun, minus the intense heat. We saw bits and pieces of Tzu, The Grates, Lupe Fiasco, The Ting Tings and some band inside Lilyworld, but the bands we actually saw were Pendulum, Simian Mobile Disco, Hot Chip and The Prodigy. Pendulum and Hot Chip were both really good but Simian Mobile Disco and The Prodigy were fucking amazing!!! During The Prodigy someone broke a giant glow-stick in half and started pouring it all over everyone…for like a minute it was the most fun thing ever but then it started to burn our skin and we had to frantically look around for water to wash it off. I sustained many little injuries on the day…some of which I’m still recovering from, a week later! But it was a really good day and I don’t even mind that we missed Neil Young, because The Prodigy were so insanely good and perfect for how I was feeling.


– Saw The Prodigy at the Hordern Pavilion with Jasmina, Nikola and Nenad which was once again, totally fucking amazing. I could actually focus on the music this time which was great. They are just….so, so, so good! I got a sweet Prodigy bag! At the end, as the crowd was leaving one of the songs playing was that Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You song and everyone was singing along. It was pretty great! Also, The Prodigy ended with Out of Space and cut off the sound right at the end to leave just the crowd singing! Was awesome.





– Spent three consecutive days in The Ghetto. Day 1 was spent hanging around Liverpool with Jasmina and Nikola, then playing pool in Bonnyrigg (and being patriotic because it was the Bonnyrigg Serbian Club!), then after Nikola went to work, going to my place to eat, then back to Liverpool where we hung out with Nenad, Drazen and Milan (Nenad’s brother) in Memorial Avenue…then Drazen went home and we went up to Nenad’s to watch Resident Evil & How I Met Your Mother.  Day 2 was Nenad’s Slava which was mostly just a lot of hanging around Nenad’s room looking up hilarious, horrible ‘music’ video clips from Former Yugoslavia. So bad yet so fucking funny! And completely, completely inappropriate. Day 3 was Nenad’s 20th birthday. We spent the night drinking at his place (well…I wasn’t drinking but I was so sober, I felt completely out of it!) which was a lot of fun until someone who shall not be named got too drunk and too loud and we got kicked out of the apartment by Nenad’s scary mother. But before that happened, lots of all-male nudity and bonding managed to happen… (More photos here.)