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I’m separating my entries into categories…it may take a while to sort them all so bear with me. The categories will be:


DAY TO DAY – personal entries about what I’ve been up to…mostly for my own benefit so I can contain my paranoia about amnesia.

OH, YOU PRETTY THINGS – photos of people who are aesthetically pleasing. Models, mostly. Male models. Skinny ones.

COPY & DESTORY – all things relating to zines.

MUSIC FROM THE MOTHER COUNTRY – music from Former Yugoslavia. I’ve sort of unintentionally turned this blog into a propaganda machine for music from the 80s to emerge out of that particular country.

PRETENDING TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER – for all the photos I take with my film cameras.


A few other things: Dalibor & I saw Friday the 13th the other day – what a hilarious movie! So many bad horror movies have been released in recent times and I’m loving it; Jasmina and I have been synchronised a few times in catching the train home which has been fantastic because the long journey home gets so boring, especially when sleep deprivation kicks in and I can’t even convince myself to do some readings for uni…or when it’s peak hour and I can’t move inside the carriage; I’ve been running on so little sleep, sometimes making it through days at uni on as little as two hours….so yesterday afternoon I wanted to take a nap around 5.30….but continued sleeping right until 11.30 this morning!!!!!; my crush on young-hot-Tifa is reaching unhealthy levels…


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March 20, 2009 at 1:25 pm

11th & 12th December

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The Process & Mercy Arms



After about four hours of sleep, I had to get up to go to the dentist. He continued to work on my root canal which ended up causing me immense pain later on. In the evening, Annie and I went to The Gaelic to see Mercy Arms, and to review (me) and take photos (Annie) for The Dwarf. My review isn’t up on the site yet but I’ll post a link when it is; so I won’t be writing much about the bands here because it’ll be up there. Basically – Circle Pit are really fascinating; I seriously can’t remember the last time I got so excited about a new band as I did with The Process (though listening to their songs on MySpace is a big disappointment – nowhere near as good as they are live); and Mercy Arms continue to be fucking amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t like them the first time I saw them…but seeing The Wahas first, then being excited about The Horrors later, may have been the reason. So it was a really good night. Unfortunately my tooth was in a lot of pain, and unfortunately we missed our last train by a minute so we had to wait an hour for a bus. I thought it’d be a good idea to say hi to Nenad and Drazen on Oxford St, and when we did I just ended up being annoyed by them because they were incredibly drunk and loud, and I was in pain. Being sober is not fun when you’re surrounded by people who are wasted.



Nothing day. Caught up on sleep.


Photos by ANNIE LY.