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I’m separating my entries into categories…it may take a while to sort them all so bear with me. The categories will be:


DAY TO DAY – personal entries about what I’ve been up to…mostly for my own benefit so I can contain my paranoia about amnesia.

OH, YOU PRETTY THINGS – photos of people who are aesthetically pleasing. Models, mostly. Male models. Skinny ones.

COPY & DESTORY – all things relating to zines.

MUSIC FROM THE MOTHER COUNTRY – music from Former Yugoslavia. I’ve sort of unintentionally turned this blog into a propaganda machine for music from the 80s to emerge out of that particular country.

PRETENDING TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER – for all the photos I take with my film cameras.


A few other things: Dalibor & I saw Friday the 13th the other day – what a hilarious movie! So many bad horror movies have been released in recent times and I’m loving it; Jasmina and I have been synchronised a few times in catching the train home which has been fantastic because the long journey home gets so boring, especially when sleep deprivation kicks in and I can’t even convince myself to do some readings for uni…or when it’s peak hour and I can’t move inside the carriage; I’ve been running on so little sleep, sometimes making it through days at uni on as little as two hours….so yesterday afternoon I wanted to take a nap around 5.30….but continued sleeping right until 11.30 this morning!!!!!; my crush on young-hot-Tifa is reaching unhealthy levels…


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March 20, 2009 at 1:25 pm

Oh dear god.

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I’m starting to think that my recent bout of obsession with Bijelo Dugme has had an adverse effect on my sanity. Last night I had a dream in which I made out with Tifa as he sang “Jer kad ostaris” to me, except I only THOUGHT he was singing that (my favourite Bijelo Dugme song) but later I somehow figured out he’d actually been singing one of my favourite Riblja Corba songs (“Necu da zivim u bloku 65”) but I somehow subconsciously knew it was neither of those songs? What the fuck. Oh but that’s not the weird part…..I mean, I’d love to have dreams of getting it on with Tifa; they’d be wonderful, as close as I will ever get to touching this man. Except that in my dream, it was an OLD TIFA. Tifa the too-old drunk touching himself on stage and looking like a tool! Oh dear god, I’ve officially gone insane. The worst part of it was that, in the dream, I was ENJOYING IT! Ew.

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March 20, 2009 at 4:10 am

Ne spavaj mala moja muzika dok svira

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The other day I was lazing around on campus with Zig. We were supposed to get our new IDs but the queue was too long. Instead we drank amazing Coffee Cart coffee, smoked Marlboro Golds, took photos, ate sushi, bought books and migrated from one sunny patch of grass to another four times.  I keep forgetting that being a student isn’t just about that….that there is work to do as well. Still, I’m really looking forward to starting the semester. People to see/meet and things to do and things to learn. I’ve been reading from “Munitions of the Mind”, the text for one of my subjects – Propaganda and Satire, and it’s really interesting. The subject I’m most looking forward to though is The Art of Political Science…not just because it interests me as a subject but because it’ll be taught by my favourite professor, Dr. Levey, the one who told us this joke: “what do you get when you mix a member of the Mafia with a post-modernist? …….an offer you can’t understand.”

ALSO: check out Andrew’s new blog, where music nerd meets real life nerd who likes to talk about science…..and stuff; Kylar is back from overseas and has posted new music on his blog so go have a listen.

& finally (I can’t post an entry without something Eastern European in it, can I?), since I’ve posted Zeljko Bebek and Alen Islamovic here, I thought it was a bit unfair to not post any Tifa. I didn’t know much about Tifa when I was starting to like Bijelo Dugme. Maybe because he had the shortest time as their singer or because I was so distracted by my crush on Islamovic…? When I saw them live in concert, all of them had gone well past their use by date but Tifa was the worst, acting really inappropriately on stage and being so fucked up by the end of it that he couldn’t even come up on stage for the final songs which they all sing together. It’s really hard to find footage of Tifa but what I did find on YouTube is AMAZING. Tifa was this beautiful drug-fucked incredibly talented singer and I have fallen a little in love with him. I was going to post one of those big Bijelo Dugme power ballads but the video was really poor quality so here is what is apparently Tifa’s first concert with them.